Jiuxi Constructed Wetland Park (Phase II Extension Work) in Yunnan Province has been under construction and officially celebrated recently. Within this green-blue plan from WADI team aiming for improving water system, the ca. 74 ha. Former agriculture land is to be transformed into a natural park which cleanses 200,000 tons of pollutant upstream water(Xingyun Lake and Jiuxi River catchment)daily, presenting the largest constructed wetland project in China. The wetland effluent should meet the Class III surface water quality standard, while repairing ecological structure in the region. In addition, it is capable to provide 100,000 cubic meters of retention space during extreme flooding event.
Phase II consists of four treatment units: pretreatment unit, the second pretreatment unit, main treatment units and terminal treatment unit. The main treatment unit adopts multiphase submerged flow purification (MESF) process. Phase II upholds an "integrated approach" synergizing eco-engineering, water treatment, leisure function and public participation. It creates an ecological poetry that settles into its genius loci and people, while simultaneously functioning itself as a super water machine.
Nearly more than 100,000 constructed wetlands have been in operation in European and American countries. They play a crucial role in managing water quality. With a new emerging paradigm of "Constructed Wetland + Park", Jiuxi wetland park is a Chinese showcase demonstrating how water engineering can harmoniously interweave nature and culture, water process and ecology repairing. It is expected to be completed in the end of 2019.