WADI studio is specializing on urban and water environment design. Our experts have a deep understanding about complexity of water infrastructure system, and how it should be evolved for eco-system and human well-bing. Our clients include governmental organizations and private developers who start to possess environmental awareness and see ecology as valuable assets in their daily life. Our services right now include sponge city/water management, landscape/urban planning and green architecture design, from concept  through to construction supervision service.

We are landscape architects, water engineers and environment researchers. The core of our work is Nature-based Approach for quality of life. City and nature form one community, we and all we create belong to this complex metabolism and process.

Another core of our work is water. Water is life, water is fortune, water is happiness, and water is challenge. We need to be coordinators for the above factors, and this is only possible by being guided by water itself. By constantly thinking and researching on water and fluidity, we shift the diconnected system to connected system with nature, sustainability and public mind.
Design should synergize the gap between aethetics and ecology, and create unique space and function. Saying No to any regularized aestheti rules, we embrace dynamics and changes. Poeticly dynamic, culturally dynamic and creatively dynamic. To make the future more liveable, we rise three standards: low-carbon, smartness, and poeticness. The strong vision and an integrative man-nature belief will make our profession one of the core driving forces in shaping city of tomorrow.