The second China smart city international expo, hosted by the urban and small town reform and development center of the national development and reform commission, was held in Beijing from July 29 to 31, 2016.During the same period, the theme pavilion of sponge city held the "2016 China sponge city peak BBS", attracting the participation of sponge city researchers and builders from all over the country.


The theme of the BBS summit is smart sponge, which relies on the Internet and Internet of things to jointly create a smart platform for sponge city with the whole industrial chain.In the future, the smart sponge city platform will make use of the advantages of the Internet, combine the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and other information technology means to realize the dynamic monitoring and scientific evaluation of water security, water environment, water ecology, water resources and other indicators, and ensure the scientific planning, effective construction, accurate evaluation and lasting operation of sponge engineering.At the meeting, Mr. Wu hao, general manager of wadi design, explained the strategy of integrated water environment technology of sponge engineering.

In addition, the current sponge city peak BBS also invited the sponge city net Kong Xiangfeng editor-in-chief, Beijing drainage group deputy general manager, Singapore ChengYu KuangNuo xiao-qing li chief planner, China academy of ecological city center director li hailong sponge, sponge WeiChao director of the city center, changde, hunan province in anhui province, jiangxi pingxiang, deputy director of municipal public utilities administration Li Yuanguo sponge do project management office director Chen tao, jiangxi green island technology co., LTD. Chairman li yong, treasure navigation environment repair co., LTD., Mr Zhang, deputy general manager, shenzhen institute of Peking University institute of green infrastructure, farce, director LuanBo Japan travel partner Han Hui investment management co., LTDMr. Yang yansheng, chief technical officer of zhejiang sponge city ecological technology co., LTD., Mr. Xiao qing, senior technical director of China mobile Internet of things co., LTD., and Mr. Zhu mingjian, lecturer of school of architecture and art, Beijing jiaotong university made wonderful speeches.The participants fully exchanged ideas on sponge city construction methods, promoted the sharing of experience in sponge city construction, and effectively promoted the healthy development of sponge city construc